Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Principles of Design

Pattern- shows a consistency in art by the repetition of colors or lines. this picture shows repetition on the leaf by using the same color and similar lines throughout the leaf.

Contrast- shows difference and diversity by combining elements to create interest. The contrast of the red flowers to the white flowers creates the interest in this piece.

Emphasis- is showing a point of interest to pull in the viewer's eye to the focal point of the art. the emphasis on this picture is the picture that is in color on the otherwise black and white page replacing the man's head with whipped cream.

Balance- uses repetition in art to create a sense of stability. in this picture balance is shown using the three repeating different colored rectangles as well as the vertical ridges of the wall.

Variety- is the differences shown in art using different colors, shapes, textures and values. the different thicknesses of lines and colors show variety in this picture

Unity- Appears when all parts of the art create one whole. The elements are all proportional and make the picture seem as one.

Movement- shows action and adds excitement by directing the viewer's eyes through the picture. The wavy lines draw the viewer's eyes across this painting with the differences in line size.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Elements of Design

Color- Has three properties: hue (or the name of the color), Intensity (brightness/dullness), and value (lightness/darkness). This picture shows clear, bright, vivid colors especially in the color of the gumball machine and the individual gumballs.

Texture- refers to the surface quality or "feel" of an object. In this photo the texture shown is that of the brick wall. The photographer captured the texture in all the indents and bumps in the bricks.

Form- is the three-dimensional element of art. The shadowing and angle of the picture show the coffee cup as a three-dimensional object with volume.

Line- Refers to a continuous mark made on a surface by a moving point. Both the horizontal lines of the escalator and the vertical lines of the escalator rails show the line element.

Shape- shows an enclosed shape bound by other elements of art. Shapes can be either geometric or organic. This picture shows geometric shapes bound by other similar shapes.

Value- is used to show volume, or depth, of an object in a photo. The light and dark values on the spheres of this picture show depth.

Space- is the distance or area between, around, above or within objects. This picture depicts space in the way that the three shells are proportionally spaced across the water.