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Man Ray - Rayographs

Man Ray (August 27, 1890 – November 18, 1976) was born Emmanuel Radnitzky. He was an american artist who spent most of his career in Paris. He was a noted contributor to the surrealist movement. Best known for his avant-garde photography, Man Ray considered himself a painter. He was also a renowned fashion and portrait photographer, and also his photograms, or "rayographs." In 1999 he was also named one of the top 25 most influental artists of the 20th century.

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Artist Report

Diane Arbus
This is a photograph most likely used for artistic purposes. The black and white of this photo along with its variant of blur at the top to the crispness of the shirt and neck draws a focus to the top of this photo and invokes somewhat of a sadness or depressive emotion.

Richard Avedon
This photo was most likely either used for an ad in a magazine or just for artistic purposes. The intent of this photography was to invoke a sense of rebellion or not fitting into the what society wants us to do. Its a photo showing a persons personality and portraying that through pictures. There is a high level of contrast in the shades of grey and blacks and whites.

Sebastiao Salgado
This photo was probably used in an Ad or article in a magazine like National Geographic or another magazine like it. This photo uses black and white, the expression on the child's face, and the condition of his clothing to invoke an emotion in the viewer of simplicity or desolateness in where he might live.
Minor White

This photo was probably used for purely photographic purposes. The first thing that grabs the viewers attention in this photo is the shadow of the telephone wire on the field as a very crisp black.
Edward Weston
Weston's peppers are a series of peppers that he created into works of art. While you can tell that they are actually peppers they are somewhat abstract which makes them that much more artistic. The contrast of dark and light colors creates focal points in the picture.

Anne Geddes
Geddes is known for photographing babies and small children. This photo was most likely used for a greeting card. The thing that is most attractive about this photo is that its a black and white photo with some of the dull color showing still.

Lois Greenfield
Greenfield's photography is mostly of dancers in dancerly poses. the almost symmetry of the poses and the contrast of the people makes for an interesting compostion.

Ansel Adams
This photograph is a landscape photo and the silhouette of the tree against the dull sky makes this picture a very emotional picture. Also the sun as a crisp white makes for an interesting focal point.

Man Ray
This photograph by Man Ray is my favorite of all of the artists we looked at. This picture look like its supposed to be the woman crying but it still doesn't look very sad. The darkness of the eyes and eyelashes adds intenseness to the photo.

Lee Friedlander
This picture was probably used for purely photographically purposes. The door down the middle kind of divides the picture into two. and the reflection of the man in the glass is also quite interesting.
Gordon Parks
By the looks of this picture it's very old and portrays an idea of being judged or ridiculed with the nuns looking at the younger woman. the thing that is very interesting is that the top of the picture looks sunny and the lighting is very bright and down by the younger woman its much darker.
Edward Curtis
Curtis is known for his historical photography of Native American Indians. Its also been considered some of the first photography in North America. The lighting in the picture is what creates the mood and a sense of peace.

Dorothea Lange
Dorothea was known for her photography during the depression. Her photographs, including this one, were very influential documentary pieces. Her pictures are intended to portray the depressing emotions of the time.

Annie Leibovitz
Annie Liebovitz has had many pictures that have been featured in Rolling Stone. This is what this picture was used for. There are many details that make this picture very attractive to the eye.
Walker Evans
This photograph was probably used in an ad a long time ago to talk about the times, and what was going on during it. The main focus of this photo would be the the white damage sign that is being moved into the truck
Jim Brandenberg
Seeing as Brandenburg was a photographer for National Geographic it can be assumed that this was used for a magazine article. The first thing that draws the viewers attention is the sharpness of the wolf in the background as opposed to the blurry trees in the foreground of the picture